The setting for the radiocarbon dating of the shroud

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The setting for the radiocarbon dating of the shroud

It hardly speaks well of sindonology as a supposedly academic discipline, indeed a self-styled branch of ‘science’ if/when it continues to ignore a significant new addition to the world of ideas.

I’ve invited comments to this open-access site, one that typically gets 20-30 visits a day from all over the world. Hopefully there will be more in the coming days and weeks.

Here’s a preview of the graphic I’ve prepared to head up the first posting in polemical mode: in its title.

I did an earlier one with those same three words in the title as long ago as November 2014 – nearly three years ago!

However, give the ZERO RESPONSE from sindonology to the arrival of a brand new ‘take’, i.e.

concept, these last three years and indeed longer (starting early 2014 in fact) .

Their commonsensical words are now scandalously ignored, thanks to sloppy 20th century so-called science, read wishful-thinking sci-fi fantasizing, STURP’s included, nay, STURP’s especially.

Yes, STURP began its journey so well, but ended by going over a cliff side.

However, the recessed areas of the face could not have been in contact with the cloth, as proved by the VP-8 images and the Shroud-body distance data.

More than 35 years later, sindonology still finds itself in the grip of ‘resurrectional incandescence’ as the mechanism of imaging, as was recently seen from the program of the recent International Shroud Conference in July at TRAC, Pasco, Washington State, sponsored by two confirmed ‘radiationists’ giving themselves a shop window and captive audience for what can only be described as semi-religious fervour dressed up as theoretical physics.

Conventional mainstream science, as practiced by this Shroudie investigator of nearly 6 years standing (currently testing and evaluating his flour-imprinting/simulated sweat Model 10) is simply ignored as if it did not exist.

I normally provide links to Shroud-relevant sites, but decline to do so in this instance.

Linking to others’ sites, whether pro- or anti-authenticity, has to be a two-way affair.

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John Heller’s 1983 book “Report on the Turin Shroud” shows precisely how, why and when that disastrous turn of events took place.