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Nude two way videochat

Group challenges will test survival skills and math ability, but they’ll also reveal how candidates deal with adversity — and with each other.

Some will be chosen for training in simulated Mars habitat Outpost Alpha (possibly in the Arctic).

Mars One plans to send equipment to Mars to test whether many of the systems necessary for humans would actually work there.

A communications satellite will be launched into orbit around Mars to establish a relay link between Earth and the Martian surface.

It will feed soil into the system that will extract and store water.

Another system will mix nitrogen and argon from the Martian atmosphere with oxygen from the water to make breathable air.

They will begin rigorous training, such as learning to operate and troubleshoot equipment, medical and dental skills and a bit of space agriculture.

The ideal spot is flat and sunny, with soil that contains a lot of water.Initial screening culls the field to 1,058 (sorry, naked folks! 8: The next round of crew selection begins with 660 candidates remaining because 45 withdrew. Unless they have been able to raise substantially more money than they have publicly indicated, it is hard to see how they could even come close to achieving this timeline.); medical and other criteria narrow it to 705 finalists. Mars One Chief Medical Officer Norbert Kraft begins interviews with each candidate via a 15-minute video chat. As well-funded companies, like Space X, have learned, engineering space systems is tough and timelines tend to slip.” — Chris Carberry, executive director of Explore Mars. 13: About 50 men and 50 women learn they’ve made it to Round 3.The rover picks them up and takes them to their new digs. After a few days, they will deploy more solar panels, install hallways between landers and set up food production.When the cargo arrives, they will incorporate it into their existing settlement.

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