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Naruto and hinata dating

However, do not let the enemy capture a shinobi from the cipher division.

They went out for a simple and ordinary dinner but they sure were having a good time. Remember yesterday, when I asked if you’re dating with someone? I was really worried that you would possibly date someone. I don’t want to have any regrets.” Naruto said Hinata seriously. “Ever since, I never wanted to date anyone except from you.

He lifts his head, soft breeze stroking his hair: the moon is full and bright, and the night is his and his alone. He is now working in a company and hating his life's every moment. It’ll hurt, but this time next year, you’ll agree with me that it was the best decision for both of us.

Always has been; it has belonged to him ever since he saw his mother choke on her own blood. But what's a guy to do if your victim falls for you? You’ll thank me for finding the strength to do what had to be done.’ Sasuke and Naruto have been together since they were young genin, neither of them have known any other lover, or ever wanted to.

But now slipping into the latter part of their twenties, Sasuke decides that they need to grow up, and in his opinion this means leaving behind their childhood attachment and exploring life beyond each other.

Naruto disagrees and will do anything to keep his boyfriend by his side.

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