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Messianic singles dating

If every time I would visit my mother-in-law in the nursing home I would win the lottery, I would perforce visit her daily.

It would not only be a no-brainer, more importantly it would become an act devoid of my choosing. In God’s scheme of running His world, the reward for visiting my mother-in-law, or for observing any good deed, is guaranteed, but when and how we don’t know.

We do this by finding harmony between your personality and personal search criteria and those of your potential partners.

Someone who can handle a smart, Jewish woman like me.

Therefore, it requires an act of faith in the interim.

We need to “hang in there” sustained by the knowledge that as painful as the situation may be at this moment, God knows our suffering, that He loves us, and that everything that happens to us is a product of His loving choreography and is, in the long run, for our best interest.

For whatever it is worth, not that it is of any consolation, there are many women out there who find themselves in the same situation. I would like to offer several points for your consideration.

As important and vital as marriage is, the primary relationship in our lives is the one with the Master of the Universe, the Creator of all life, including our own. To the extent that we develop a meaningful relationship with God, we are less vulnerable as singles.

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- Rebecca Vandemark, Christian blogger Rebecca Vandemark (33) is one Christian single who knows first hand the difficulties involved with faith-based dating.

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