Grand theft auto san andreas dating denise Cam2cam ashmore 2013

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Grand theft auto san andreas dating denise

San Andreas introduces the ability for the player to pick up dates and go out with them.The main reason to date a girl is to get a special bonus in exchange.CJ doesn't have to say anything; if she likes the look of him she'll ask for a date, if she doesn't she'll brush him off and say what she doesn't like about him.There are usually particular appearance features a girl likes.Take her to a fast food joint, bar, diner or restaurant (some of these may not show up on your map until you start the date).Each girl will have her own taste and may not like the place you take her.If you take her to a place she likes, you get sappy music and a happy cutscene. If not, you get Rage Against the Machine and a failed date.In this date, you will take your girlfriend to a club.

However, some girls do not like fast driving, so watch the acceleration when riding with them.

Drive in a neighborhood she likes at a speed she likes and the Fun meter rises. killing her) she will, obviously, no longer be available for dating, although you still retain the rewards you got for dating her.

Crash, drive at the wrong speed or in the wrong place, and the Fun meter falls. For that reason, try not to engage in a turf war while on a date. If you take too much time getting your girlfriend to the date or back home, she will get bored.

Each type of date has specific objectives, and each girl's requirements for the date is different.

As in life, your girlfriend will want to decide what to do in the date. In this date, which normally comes up first, your girlfriend will want to go out to eat.

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They have a blue marker above their head to alert the player to this fact.

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