Eclipse updating indexes stop

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Eclipse updating indexes stop

Deploy your app to upload and run them on App Engine.When you deploy your apps, you create versions of those apps and their corresponding services in App Engine.Indexes that don't exist yet are created after that configuration file is uploaded.It can take a while for Cloud Datastore to create all the indexes and therefore, those indexes won't be immediately available to App Engine.

For manually-scaled instances, the ID of your version should begin with a letter to distinguish them from numeric instance IDs.Deploying updates to services can include updating individual configuration files or updating the source code in the corresponding versions.For example, you can deploy and create two versions in App Engine, where each version runs in their own service.This ensures that requests are routed to the correct destination and avoids the ambiguity with URL patterns like If you deploy a version that specifies the same version ID as a version that already exists on App Engine, the files that you deploy will overwrite the existing version.This can be problematic if the version is serving traffic because traffic to your application might be disrupted.

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