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Ebay dating site

What I am going to do is call his accountant and short things out. And in case you still have any thoughts whatsoever this is a real auction. Notice there are stats for 3 months (not gonna count December) when the domain wasn't even registered!Please come back and tell us you told the seller to take his/her fake wares elsewhere and reported this to Ebay.It only admits applicants who are voted in by existing members of the opposite sex, based on how attractive they find their photo and basic profile.The nativity scene was cast with models and members of the site.All other expenses are on top of that and not reflected here. Did you think the average prices would be higher or lower?Denver 1 Seattle 7 Dallas/Fort Worth 8 Philadelphia 8 Washington, DC 4 Boston 1 New York City 5 Oklahoma City 3 Greenville, SC 2 Raleigh, NC 0 So, we’re curious what you think about this concept. Even though a date doesn’t necessarily include any intimacy do you see this as prostitution? Is there an element of “These people deserve each other” to this site? Is there a big difference in a woman who makes men pay to date her, and a woman who thinks that men should always pay for the date?

Just to clarify, these prices are what the men pay to the woman for the pleasure of going out with her.

He sent me his accounting balance sheet for 2006 with his accountant details.

What I am going to do is call his accountant and short things out. I just spoke on the phone with seller, he actually did cleared few things for me.

- Last, but not least, I find it odd that if you whip into the search, you'll notice it claims 106156 of the members are women, between 18 and 20, and 106306 of the members are men. Almost every dating site I've ever seen has a 5-50:1 man:woman ratio, most are around 10:1. One last bit, if it sorts by the last login (which most do, and I'm guessing anything that doesn't prune its member base would [otherwise people would primarily be attempting to contact inactive/dead member accounts]), then nobody is currently logged in out of the 212,400 or so members 18-20. QAd Id Z10075315Oh one last bit: pulls in massively larger numbers then that (and we only push a few hundred visits a day).

Sure its am EST and all, but still, doesn't that seem a bit fishy? It's not like it's hard to come up with information about this. How can a site that apparently pushes exponentially more then that, not be caught by Alexa whatsoever? I just spoke on the phone with seller, he actually did cleared few things for me.

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Heather said: "I'm a single girl and I joined the website to find love, so I hope I meet a nice boy.

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