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Ali and baba had been dating

It is also why he does the most courageous act of his life; he rescues a boy in Taliban controlled Kabul."Hassan never denied me anything." (Amir, Chapter 1, p.Even though he knew it was wrong, Hassan could not say no to Amir.He even took the blame when his father, Ali, would catch them at it.

The Hazara are not allowed to go to school, they are not allowed the same freedoms and ability to work as the Pashtun.

4) Outside of school Amir spent all his time with Hassan. An example of this is the game played by the boys up in the poplar trees in Baba's orchard.

Amir would beg Hassan to use his slingshot to fire walnuts at the neighbor's dog.

23) Amir isn't the boy his father is hoping for, because he will not stand up for himself.

He lets Hassan do the fighting for him and then lies about what happened to his father. Baba feels if he won't stand up for himself, then what kind of person will he be as an adult.

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